A boutique studio in the flea market providing Pilates, Yoga and everything in between

The studio offers intimate classes including instruments Pilates, Bar, Booty and Yoga. The classes are divided according to levels, in order to enable each trainee to meet his/her needs, and delivered by a team of professional instructors trained at Pilates Studio Academy.

We have advanced equipment, knowledge, professional experience and a warm relationship - all of which enable thorough workout, prolongation, strengthening and restoring the body.

The studio is a spacious and beautifully designed space, located in the heart of the flea market in Jaffa. Take a look!

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Pilates is a method of physical training designed to strengthen and cultivate the exercisers, creating flexibility and balance between muscles, and improving posture. The Pilates method unites body and soul and improves quality of life.

The bar lessons combine dance and fitness worlds providing an energetic atmosphere, fun music and mostly great pleasure! A great opportunity to feel the bar without the need of previous experience in ballet or dance at all.

Aerobic, energetic and fun classes that combine techniques from Pilates, Yoga and Dance. The method combines strength, flexibility and muscle strengthening with an element of aerobic pulse and calorie burning.


A stunning place with amazing instructors and a wonderful atmosphere, Professional and fun!

Gili Noy

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7 Ba'alei Hatosafot,

Flee Market, Tel Aviv



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