Chen Granot

Holds a BA in dance instruction from the Ministry of Education


Instructs mattress and instruments Pilates

Owner and general manager of the studio. Certified mattress and instruments Pilates instructor from 2005 by Power Pilates, as well as training mattress and instruments Pilates instructors at Pilates Studio Academy.


Chen is a former dancer of the Kibbutzit Dance Company, Yossi Yungman group and the Tel Aviv Dance Company of Yaara Dolev and Amit Goldberg, a graduate of classical and modern ballet teacher from the Kibbutzim College and prepares students for matriculation exams in modern dance.


I got acquainted with Pilates for the first time at the age of 18, during the process of recovering from dance injuries and for constant maintenance of the body as a professional dancer. After the delivery of my first child I met Pilates in a new, mature, feminine and stronger place. Pilates became part of my way of life. I try to combine Pilates and dance in a natural and flowing way, and as Joseph said: Physical training is the primary condition for happiness.

Neta Ben Zeev

Senior instructor for mattress and instruments Pilates

Hold a B.Dance and a teacher certificate from the Ministry of Education

Pilates and I:


Over the years as a professional dancer, I dealt with a number of injuries, and after experiencing several treatment types I was exposed to Pilates that helped me recover from the injuries. This method has become an integral part of my life and helps me strengthen and protect my body as required.

Einat Epstein

Mattress and instruments Pilates, bar and booty instructor

Pilates and I:


I came across Pilates for the first time through my rehabilitation process from an injury I suffered. With the combination of correct work and strengthening of the body, the pain has passed. I find it important to bring to my classes energy, movement, strength as well as softness and flexibility and I believe that the combining of all of these wins. The classes I teach provide movement and peak energies, and express my great love for Pilates and dance.

Sean Mizrahi

Mattress and instruments Pilates

Pilates and I:


I discovered Pilates when I was in London, and I realized that Pilates not only helped me recover from injury but also created a wonderful new relationship between me, my body and mind. When I moved from London to Tel Aviv two years ago, I became even more connected to Pilates and decided to start coaching. Pilates changed my body, my mind, and my life.

Hadar Rahamim

Mattress and instruments Pilates

Pilates and I:


I started practicing Pilates a few years ago following a tailbone injury caused by a snowboard accident. Over time I discovered that it makes me feel good mentally as well as physically. Accuracy, control and focus are aspects I try to apply on my day-to-day basis and not just during class.

Aviv Bekerman

Mattress and instruments Pilates, Booty Instructor

Pilates and I:


I started practicing Pilates seven years ago and the spark was instantaneous. I realized that of all the training methods, Pilates best met my physical and mental needs. The method teaches us how to control our body at the level of movement and thinking alike, allows us to explore this connection deeply and find balance for each and every one of us.

Nofar Cohen

Ballet, modern dance and movement teacher for preschoolers. A student of nutrition sciences and molecular biology.

Mattress and instruments Pilates, bar, serf set, stretching

Pilates and I:


After a back injury I was looking for a solution that would enable me to continue dancing with better and stronger movements, and this is how I came across Pilates and fell in love with it. I believe that Pilates principles can and should be applied to all aspects of life and age. My ambition is to help all my trainees and students know their body and learn how to work with and control it in the best way.

Tse'ela Ilan

Mattress and instruments Pilates

Pilates and I:


Ever since I can remember, I was attracted to everything related to body and movement. When I first attended Pilates class, I just fell in love with it! It was clear to me that this is what I wanted to do - to teach this method and expose the trainees to the power and intelligence of it. The more I studied Pilates, the more I believed in it and in its healing properties.

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